Home Selling November 2, 2015

Why is now is the perfect time to list your home???

~~Why is now is the perfect time to list your home???

Most people already know that spring is ideal to list their home. People want to complete a purchase before the kids go back to school or the weather changes.  It’s also easier to do needed repairs or painting projects and keep yard up.

However right now, in our neck of the woods this is a secondary perfect selling season.  Currently we have a very limited number of homes on the market in the price range that the average buyer is looking for and those homes that are on the market are “flying off the shelves”.  Buyers are out there and looking to buy, but do not have a large selection to choose from.

The holidays are fast approaching but that does not stop serious buyers.  They are always searching the internet and looking for the perfect home.  Competition is generally always on the lighter side.  A seller might not have as many showings of their property during the holidays; however those who see it are truly looking to buy something.  It never hurts to have it listed even if it may be a slower time of the year. 
I am noticing sales happening the very day of listing.  Many are selling with in a couple weeks of listing.  If a home is priced right then it goes fast.  Closing time generally occurs within 45 days if inspections and appraisal go well. 

Realistically there are no guarantees.  So if a seller is flexible on time be it a quick sale or the home spends a few months on the market, they all eventually sell.  Having your home evaluated by a Realtor will most likely help you make the final decision to list now or do a few projects and list in the spring.  A CMA is free to you and provides some great information that you can take from it to know how your home compares to those in your area.

Feel free to call me and I will be happy to assist you. 

Christine Schott